Video Ads Shot on a Phone: Bentley

Check out this gorgeous, short documentary… shot entirely on an iPhone 5s!

Make sure to stay tuned til the 3:15 mark, where you can see behind-the-scenes footage of how they did it. The filmmakers turned a $300,000 luxury car into a production office, to show that the Mulsanne is a wildly fancy tech-hub on wheels. It’s a brilliant piece of content marketing.


According to AppleInsider, two iPhone 5s’ were mounted on a BeastGrip ($75) lens adaptors that allowed them to use threaded lenses, including the Neewer 0.3X Baby Death 37mm Fisheye Lens, ($38) as well as a Schneider iPro lens, which you can buy in a kit for $230.

They also used one of our favorite apps, FiLMIC Pro for more control shooting with the iPhone.

It’s important to note that they did use one of Freefly’s $5,000 MōVI M5 gimbal stabilizers for all of those beautiful handheld shots. That’s likely out of your budget, so, we’d recommend the far more affordable Steadicam Smoothee ($140) to stabilize your shots. And remember, the newer iPhones have an impressive, built-in image stabilizer that minimizes your need even more for a pricey external one.

Since the new iPhone release, Bentley put out another video using the iPhone 6! This time they focused on a driving jacket rather than a car, creating a stunning mini-documentary on a family-run bespoke tailor…


It’s pretty inspiring to see the quality of work that can be shot on the same gadget you play Candy Crush on, huh?