As December comes to an end and the holidays approach, there’s no better way to connect with your brand’s community than with a personalized holiday video.

You can say thank you to your customers or express appreciation to your employees, by wishing them a happy holiday season and an excellent start to 2019.


1. We offer a Free 2-week trial, so sign up to that to become an EditMate Producer.

2. Start a New Project on the Dashboard.

3. Fill out the basic project info and assign your Mobile Crew by providing the emails of who you want to contribute mobile video footage. This can include people in multiple offices across the country or just a few select members of your Marketing Team.

4. Fill in the Crew Directions box by sharing what you want your Mobile Crew to say in their video.

Here, it’s helpful to share examples of good talking points like “Thank you for all of your support in 2018, we look forward to working with you all next year!” … or “Hope your holiday season is full of family, friends and fun festivities!”. Get creative with your crew directions! Your crew can share their favorite memories from this year or even what they’re looking forward to in 2019.

5. Assign a #hashtag to your project. This is the hashtag your crew will use when uploading footage from the EditMate App or Upload URL.

6. Next, click the little blue teal envelope icon to send the invite to everyone on your Mobile Crew list.

Here’s what New Project page will look like once you’ve filled in your Mobile Crew’s emails and Directions.

5. As your Mobile Crew uploads footage, it’ll appear in your Mobile Uploads bin on your Project page and you can review, rate and comment on each clip. You can also upload any other assets you want to include in the video (like your brand’s logo) to the Web Uploads bin.

6. When you have all of the footage you need, just click the yellow Request an Editor button and we’ll assign an Editor to your project.

7. To keep with the holiday spirit, we’re offering special¬†HOLIDAY PRICING for these video editing projects! Get a professionally edited, 1-minute branded video for only $500 and we’ll make sure your video is ready to share by December 23rd. This price includes all editing, custom graphics, royalty-free music purchase, audio clean-up, color correction, and 2 rounds of revisions.

Simply include the code “HOLIDAY” on your Creative Brief to get the special holiday pricing.

It’ll be the perfect video for your business to share to your social media channels and your email list to wrap up the year!

Need some inspiration? Check out how the Museum of Transport and Technology used EditMate to create a thank you video last year:

We’re excited to see how your brand’s community #getcreative with mobile video!

If you have questions about creating a holiday video, contact us anytime.

Happy Holidays from everyone at EditMate!