How EditMate Works

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Sneak a peek at the Dashboard

Sign up for FREE as a PRODUCER and create a profile for yourself and the company you’ll be producing videos for.

You can upgrade your SUBSCRIPTION PLAN at any time, depending on how many seats you need in your account and how much video storage is required.

Our plans are designed to fit for marketers of all sizes: from small businesses to large, global enterprises.

Start a NEW PROJECT by writing a short creative brief and uploading any existing footage you want to be used in your video.

If you want to COLLECT MOBILE FOOTAGE from your community, provide their email addresses and directions for what kind of videos you want them to shoot.

Your MOBILE FILM CREW will receive an email inviting them to download the EditMate App and upload videos per your directions.

If you’re on a TEAM or ENTERPRISE PLAN, you can also design a custom branded app for your MOBILE CREW to use.

As MOBILE FOOTAGE gets uploaded, you can review, rate and comment on the video clips.

Once all footage is uploaded, simply click the REQUEST AN EDITOR button to get a EditMate Editor assigned to your project. They’ll provide you with a quote and once approved, they’ll cut you an awesome, on-brand video.

Review video drafts and easily give feedback to your Editor via the CHAT BOX.

Once your video is complete, store it on your VIDEO CHANNEL where you can directly share it to your website and social media channels.

Video marketing has never been easier. 🙂

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What Our Users Say

“I have very high expectations, and would rate EditMate by far and away the best company we have ever worked with. Period. It’s not even close.”

– Grit ‘N Wit 

“We just love the work you guys are doing for us. The video views are crazy!”

International Travel College of New Zealand 

“I don’t usually say this… but oh my god!!! We got choked up watching the video. You did an amazing job. I’m so thrilled at the first draft. “

Victornee Clothing 

“I love it. The effect that I was hoping for has come across perfectly.”

NZ Safe Learner

“This is fab! Looking forward to getting this live!”

JUCY Campervans 

“We love working with you! You have taken our video library from Justin Guarini to Beyonce.”

The Female Health Company 

“Really excellent work! We love these videos, they’re awesome! We’re truly impressed with this service, its been so easy and such an awesome outcome.”

Almond Breeze Brand Activation Agency

“We are absolutely loving these videos. I also think it’s just so cool that I was able to shoot and you were able to edit and it has all worked out so seamlessly.”

Brass Clothing

“You guys have done an awesome job. Looking forward to getting this out there and getting a reaction from our audience.”

– Primal Man Shave Club 

“This looks AMAZING! You all seriously rock and thank you so so so much!”

– DCInno 

“You guys NAILED it. It really is exactly what I was looking for, thank you.”

– Bauer Media Collective