Featured Work

Adobe Young Creators

Adobe and The Campus Agency sent Brand Ambassadors on a weekend trip to San Francisco to visit Adobe’s head office and explore the city. Using EditMate to document the trip, each Ambassador used the App to upload mobile clips of their experience and after the trip was over, an Editor cut the raw footage into social videos to promote Adobe’s Young Creator conference and The Campus Agency’s Ambassador programs.

Factory45 Testimonials

Factory45 gathered stories from real entrepreneurs that successfully launched a clothing brand with the help of their online course, The Crowdfunding Factory. Each entrepreneur uploaded a clip detailing their experience and we edited that footage into an effective testimonial video that now lives on The Crowdfunding Factory’s landing page, encouraging new visitors to sign up for the course.

BostonFest’s Coolest Companies

BostInno asked nominees for the Coolest Companies competition to upload videos sharing why they’re the coolest. As the footage rolled in, we cut a series of social videos highlighting each company and promoting the BostonFest event. BostInno shared these videos across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter getting everyone voting and pumped for the event.

Fonterra’s Start-Up Showcase

Fonterra Ventures wanted to showcase the start-up teams taking part in their 12-week Accelerator program, Disrupt. Located in countries across Asia Pacific, each team uploaded footage showing off their business idea, team members and progress. We cut the footage into Disrupt-branded videos that Fonterra shared with their employees around the world. Here, you can check out Malaysia-based team FoodConnects.

ZTEU Campus Ambassador Program

The Campus Agency asked their brand reps at universities around The USA to upload video with the EditMate App to share their experiences as ZTEU reps. We edited that footage into a fun video that exhibits their organization as the premier agency in college marketing.

NIB’s App Tutorial

NIB asked their Marketing team to use their mobile phones to capture footage showing how easy it is to file a claim using the NIB App. We took that footage and added text graphics, animations and a voiceover to create a short and simple tutorial video.

Beekist Brand Activation

Armed with the EditMate App, Beekist brand reps shot footage of their first day at The Taste of Auckland event. We edited that footage into short, snackable videos that Beekist shared on their social channels to show off their tomatoes and drive visitors to their stall for the rest of the weekend.

FC2 Educational Training Videos

The Female Health Company, makers of the FC2 Female Condom were looking to revamp their online training. Across the USA, they assigned their educators the task of filming themselves on their phones, explaining how they talk to clients and patients. We cut together a series of informative videos that were used as educational tools and shared on social media.

Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Creative New Zealand wanted to highlight the talented artists heading to Edinburgh to perform at the Festival Fringe. The performers’ uploaded funny intros showing their excitement and with existing photo and video b-roll, we cut together a video series promoting the festival, venues and Kiwi artists.

MOTAT’s Volunteer Thank You

Auckland’s Museum of Technology and Transportation wanted to create a “Thank You” video dedicated to their hard-working volunteers. The employees filmed and uploaded genuine and real footage showing their appreciation and we edited it into a short, delightful video they shared both internally and on social media.

International Travel College

The International Travel College of New Zealand uses EditMate to regularly crowdsource video from their students and staff. Every month, we cut together short videos to get their target demographics attention on social media and direct them to the ITC website.


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